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MARS Conversion Platform

Next-Generation ECM Migration

We Know ECM… HELIX International helps clients define, evaluate and manage the ECM conversion/migration process. For better than two decades, we have been successfully addressing migration challenges in the document management, COLD and workflow technology stack. Our experience covers a wide range of current and legacy systems, including mainframe applications, such as OS/390, Z/OS and I/ OS; distributed platforms, such as Windows and UNIX; and mid-range systems, such as AS/400.

From content evaluation and migration to cross-repository searching; licensing evaluations to legacy ECM system retirements; HELIX is ready to deliver the advantages of a holistic, fully integrated approach to ECM.


Manged Services for Health Care

Health Care Content Management

Your mission is to deliver quality patient care. The HELIX mission is to keep your challenge and your cost down. HELIX can improve your throughput and allow you to focus more time and resources on health care, and less on administration.

Our HELIX Managed Services offers seamless integration with electronic health records and with your practice management software. Your clinical, administrative, workflow, and security concerns are greatly reduced with our Managed Services and our 24/7 support.

Managed Services for Retail

Retail Company Content Management

HELIX Managed Services empowers retail companies to improve workflows, capture paper or electronic business documents, and incur staff productivity gains. Our Enterprise Content Management solution offers file encryption, secure storage, storage of sensitive employee information, data acquisition, indexing, and document retrieval.

All of this across a wide range of departments, such as human resources, accounts payable, contract management and other content-heavy departments.

Managed Services for Media and Entertainment

Media Company Content Management

The Media and Entertainment industry is no stranger to large and expensive data losses. Pirating, hacking; there’s all kinds of theft of intellectual property that puts you at risk. Cybersecurity is a major concern for every company in your industry.

HELIX can improve your throughput and allow you to focus more time and resources on your business, and less on administration. Your document creation and retrieval, workflow, indexing, and security functions are greatly improved with our Managed Services and our 24/7 support.

Manged Services for Insurance

Insurance Industry Content Management

You provide your customers security, peace of mind, and savings. It’s about time your business had the same. HELIX Managed Services for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can give you exactly that. HELIX is the workflow solution for insurance agencies. You have countless different forms that must be completed, then filed, and then flagged for retrieval. Our Managed Services is simply a better way to accomplish these tasks.

Why be vulnerable to wasted time, lost documents, and even fines for non-compliance?

Managed Services for Financial Enterprise

Financial Enterprise Content Management

HELIX Managed Services offers our financial institution clients a robust solution of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services. We free you up to work your business, as opposed to being tied-up with paperwork. With your high levels of documentation flows, and frequent customer interaction, HELIX Managed Services for Enterprise Content Management is exactly what you need.

Do you have a heavy concentration of records storage? Do you need your records indexed for quick searching and retrieval? Want to meet any compliance requirements without having to stress about it? Worried about document security? Then you’ve come to the right place.


HELIX PLURIDIO Treasury CRM Solution

HELIX offers a dedicated treasury CRM solution that integrates all the aspects of a treasury sales department. HELIX is providing timely and accurate information at the fingertips of sales dealers and managers so that everyone can make the right decision at the right time.

This is why we believe HELIX will change your treasury sales approach forever: iIntegrated client data in one place
All the relevant information of a client is just 1 second away: transactions, contracts, margins, tasks, visit and call memos or short information comments.


Executive Summary

HELIX Added Value for Managers:

  • Instant reporting & business intelligence – information is aggregated from multiple systems
  • Increased profitability and superior client service
  • Increased efficiency of sales efforts
  • Increases the sales efforts – automated tasks helps sales dealers better manage the clients portfolio and ensures actions are completed
  • Complete budgeting tool – helps you set, manage and check various sales goals


Patient Voice

Patient Care, Engagement and Communication Platform

Patient Voice empowers patients by improving communication and strengthening the patient-nurse relationship. Nurses benefit from workload efficiencies and simplified documentation, while administrators gain access to real-time data regarding patient sentiment, nursing metrics, and even customized reports.


Managed Services – Software as a Service Whitepaper

The United States has the most expensive healthcare system in the world, but is ranked last or near last on dimensions of access, efficiency and equity, according to The Commonwealth Fund’s 2014 international healthcare review.

The remedy to the cost crisis does not require medical science breakthroughs or new governmental regulation. It simply requires a new way to accurately measure costs and compare them with outcomes.

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