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What is the Real-Time Viewer?

Real-Time Viewer(RTV) plays an important role in the faster retrieval and display of reports from different repositories. It is a component of the MARS platform which is also an add-on to the Data Migration services offered by HELIX.

RTV is the "flash light" that allows federated retrieval and display of files across multiple repositories using Helix extractors , which are responsible for direct access to data and content without the need for licensing.

The MARS server normalizes indexed data from the source point to the viewing system thus, it does not require migration. The REST based APIs provide a framework for providing federated searches and building plugins for a holistic approach to your content and data searches. (federated search)

The RTV is the pinnacle of our historic migration platform. It allows flexibility to migrate data and content from existing repositories, to keep data in place , or to perform hybrid of the two. The RTV RESTIFY based APIs allow for integration to you modern environments without the need for multiple APIS across disparate vendors.

Other components of MARS platform include (1)The Conversion Process, (2) Scanning, (3)Watchers, (4)Bill Presentment and (5) Monitoring

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