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Somewhere between the classic car and the showroom model is the junker we all drove in high school. We may have loved it but it took a lot of work. The same could be said for today’s old Legacy systems. HELIX International helped amped the antiquated data for large hospital in the United States. In the ever changing health care industry, growth is vital and our client’s engine had passed its prime. HELIX compressed over 50 terabytes of Mobius data bringing new life into their information engine.


MARS Conversion platform is a content management tool as well as a document transformation application that transforms print streams, while finding and unlocking dark data. MARS help clients improve information access while minimizing support needs, reducing licensing costs and eliminating redundant or obsolete technology. MARS striped PDF transform were used to convert striped PDF to PDF and optimize for space/storage. MARS Components ran on the mainframe and offloaded decompression and processing data to the MARS lab equipment. This allowed for round the clock (24×7) running without impacting the mainframe production jobs. MARS was throttled to run multiple jobs and batches more efficiently from the tapes themselves. This provides a through put for unloading data from a tape library. We were able to run as many jobs as free initiators on the mainframe, running 75 jobs and modified the MARS schedule based on free initiators scheduled to occur for lights out operation.


During this migration, bottlenecks were shifted between i/o, storage, network and applications. The MARS migration engine allowed us to react to shifts and modify the schedule to address needs without impacting production systems. Improved MARS lab equipment of overall available capacity and the on-demand migration tools were employed to reprioritize the end user’s needs. HELIX International setup a migration plan to move reports based on usage patterns to create “movegroups.” These “movegroups” would be created and reports processed based upon the usage patterns. These are ingested into the IBM Content Manager OnDemand, CMOD, system based on the date range and heaviest use. The on-demand migration tools allow for re-prioritization of “movegroups” allowing for large migrations even without all the data.


Our tool doesn’t need a perpetual license to work. We access your data just like Open Office can read word or excel documents. We read the archive for Mobius and move it to IBM CMOD with our original application freeing you from the need to pay for a Mobius/ASG type license. Now utilizing HELIX International, our client’s engine is . By collaborating with IBM CMOD solutions running on all platforms, the road ahead is bright.


IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) provides solutions in high performing archival and retrieval of report/document high volume capture, statements, confirms, EOB’s, and other related customer data. Its provides flexible search and retrieval options using the interactive interface Content Navigator for multiple desktop, browser, and mobile environments.


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