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Helix International Massive Archival Retrieval System (MARS)

Helix International Massive Archival Retrieval System (MARS) Conversion Platform

Effective, Efficient ECM Migration…and More

Enterprises today typically support one or more legacy content platforms and repositories, making data access and integration unnecessarily cumbersome, complex and costly. Legal compliance issues and other risks can intensify the problem.

Helix International in conjunction with IBM, using our experience-based conversion methodology and powerful MARS Conversion Platform technology, we enable content migration from legacy systems into current ECM systems, or from one heterogeneous system of record into another. Our ECM solutions help clients improve information access while minimizing support needs, reducing licensing costs and eliminating redundant or obsolete technology.

Moving Information…Precisely 

Exceptions. Anomalies. Errors. These are the barriers to successful, cost-efficient ECM data conversion. To eliminate them, we apply a highly evolved five-step methodology enhanced by our uniquely robust audit process, custom designed for each conversion implementation:

  • Extract documents/images/metadata from one or multiple legacy ECM systems/archives  
  • Import extracted data into MARS Conversion Platform application server  
  • Transform data consistent with target ECM system/business rules  
  • Export transformed data to target ECM system  
  • Ingest audited, transformed documents/ images/metadata into target ECM system

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Stronger Solutions Mean Lower Costs

Helix Internationals promise significant cost savings on multiple fronts. The result – more value from every ECM dollar: 

  • Reduced software licensing, training and maintenance expense  
  • Less administrative overhead n Reduced hardware costs
  • Lower development and integration costs  
  • Mitigation of compliance and chain-of-custody risk

Benefits for our Customers 

Improved business efficiency, better information access, stronger end-user support. Our ECM projects produce important business benefits across the enterprise:

  • More effective leveraging of investment in existing data (indexes and content)  
  • Friendlier end-user interfaces and standardized approaches  
  • Reduced complexity for both end users and IT staff  
  • Consolidated metadata and object store n More streamlined and efficient operations

MARS Conversion Platform provides a highly efficient and versatile framework for automating the migration of reports, print streams, data structures and associated metadata across multiple disparate content repositories. MARS Conversion Platform is an advanced client/server-based solution founded on a workflow foundation layer, webservices, service-oriented architectures and relational database. The architecture’s two main components – designer and server – are merged with existing infrastructure through our non-disruptive integration methodology. Data sources can reside on any platform and possess any data structure (record, file or table). 

The MARS engine is built on a scalable architecture that enables it to run under a wide variety of operating environments. The architecture is completely modular, multi-threaded and fully supports XML-based standards. All operations execute as components within the application server environment, allowing HELIX-INT.-ECM Architects to fully leverage MARS proven scalability, performance, integration and management capabilities. 

MARS Conversion Platform

We Know ECM… HELIX International helps clients define, evaluate and manage the ECM conversion/migration process. For better than two decades, we have been successfully addressing migration challenges in the document management, COLD and workflow technology stack. Our experience covers a wide range of current and legacy systems, including mainframe applications, such as OS/390, Z/OS and I/ OS; distributed platforms, such as Windows and UNIX; and mid-range systems, such as AS/400. 

From content evaluation and migration to cross-repository searching; licensing evaluations to legacy ECM system retirements; HELIX is ready to deliver the advantages of a holistic, fully integrated approach to ECM. 

Financial Services Organizations Docfinity migration used the MARS migration platform and transformation environment to migrate 45 terabytes of encrypted and compressed COLD data stored in proprietary DocFinity RDX format, PDF documents and Images. The large number of transformations required the use of MARS to facilitate transformation across over 100 workstations in an efficient and automated fashion. Mars provided a complete audit trail, a mechanism to automate the reconciliation and automation for transformation of the proprietary formats. Lincoln was able to leverage the unique capabilities for transformation of pdf and perform cleanup of pdfs through the PDF Automation Library. A small percentage of pdf documents had font clipping and kerning and MARS automatically processed these file and provided a mechanism for visually inspecting these files speeding up this process that would have taken over three years down to a manageable 5 months. 

Johnson and Johnson (JnJ) implemented and took generous advantage of the MARS capabilities in migrating from a highly customized Document Delivery, Bill Presentment and Document Composition system JnJ was using for over 20 years for managing seven Operating Companies clients’ invoices and other critical sensitive corporate documents. This power of Mars allowed HELIX-INT.-ECM to migrate this complex system and ultimately provide JnJ a joint IBM / HELIX-INT.-ECM hosted environment providing 7x24 hour support and ongoing administration of the system saving 35 % of the previous annual budgets. The migration required detailed analysis of the document composition Systems and transformations provide by Xenos/Actuate/ Infoweb

Discover Financials Services migrated 45 terabytes of Documentum and 15 Terabytes of Mobius Nets documents. This was migrated to a hybrid on premise solution of IBM CMOD and IBM P8. This was migrated with the assistance of the DFS technical team and additional support from IBM / Helix International team. AFP data was transformed to pdf data and loaded into IBM CMOD for a storage savings over 300% on 10 terabytes and Line Data had a 400% storage savings. TIFF images and PDF images were stored in P8 and all data was accessed through ICN transparent to which backend the end user was accessing.  

Helix International

Helix International is a software and consulting organization that focuses on document and data solutions. Unlocking your content and your data for a cognitive reality.

We focus on Technical Solutions for today’s business problems

Whilst every content management system is unique, the fundamental disciplines of effective document management remain constant.

Helix International has successfully migrated 100s of content management solutions such as:

  • IBM Content Manager On Demand (CMOD)
  • IBM Image Services (IS)
  • IBM Filenet P8 etc
  • Computer Associates CA View / Deliver SAR / Express
  • Hyland On Base
  • ASG Mobius amongst others.

No project has failed!

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