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Three-Tier Support

For better than two decades, HELIX has successfully addressed Enterprise Content Management (ECM) support challenges. HELIX Managed Services steers you clear of trouble before it happens. Your ECM systems stay operational, up to date, and fully engaged under the system administration of our industry experts and trained staff. We also cover you with an industry-leading level of support options.

HELIX support and system administration functions on three levels; the app level, the hypervisor hardware level, and the workflow level. At the app level, HELIX offers expert management of your ECM solutions. As the hypervisor level HELIX supports and manages your ECM environment. Finally, at the workflow level, HELIX can administer your workflows. This support comes through the managing and generation of documents and reports. HELIX also oversees your business processes.

Solutions Across All Industries

Health Care
Retail Company
Media Company
Insurance Industry
Financial Enterprise

Peace of Mind

Our Managed Services and support options are tailored to your needs. You’ll gain peace of mind that your ECM systems and data are safe and secure, and at a support level tailored for your needs.

From content evaluation and migration to cross-repository searching; licensing evaluations to legacy ECM system retirements; HELIX is ready to deliver the advantages of a holistic, fully integrated approach to ECM. Our experience covers a wide range of current and legacy systems, including mainframe applications, such as OS/390, Z/OS and I/OS; distributed platforms, such as Windows and UNIX; and mid-range systems, such as AS/400.

Managed Services Highlights

Remote 24/7 Monitoring and System Alarms

  • Peace of mind
  • Increased system longevity
  • Never be surprised by system failures

Proactive Remote Administration

  • Predictive analysis catches problem before they can happen
  • Resolve a problem before you receive a ticket from a business user
  • Backups, patches, and security (among other system admin operations) practically invisible to your users
  • Add new functionality to your system. New reports, new business processes, new document classes.

Capacity Management

  • Your ECM system will never run out of resources
  • Plan for just-in-time system enhancements

MARS Reports

  • Prediction Report issued based on rolling multi-month’s data
  • Indexing
  • The data and documents converted into XML-based reports are indexed for storage and information retrieval
  • Information can be searched, retrieved, and used in any format

Onsite Training

  • Optimized productivity from your staff
  • Less down time

Telephone Support

  • On demand help
  • Industry experts and trained support staff with effective answers

MARS Watcher (alerts, document creation management, processing, and archiving)

  • Receive and process files New Reports, Documents and scanned images
  • Combine data from multiple locations, departments, companies, and so on
  • Sources / feeds from many sources – ftp, ftps, sftp, LPR, LPD, NDM, MQ, mounts, plus many more
  • Receive and distribute data in various document formats (email, DOCX, XLSX, TXT, PDF, PS, PCL) plus many more
  • Unlock the ability to access your dark data
  • Generation of XML export files
  • Creation of accurate and useful reports
  • Automatic audit and error alerts from data
  • Holistic view into platforms, systems, content repositories
  • Prediction of frequency and notification of exceptions
  • Reconciliation, and processing
  • Many sources in, unified documents based on customized documents out
  • Document templates for reports include images, calculations, and design layout
  • Adhoc OCR for full text indexing, Ad hoc document processing for individual users

Web Sessions

  • Training on demand
  • New staff quickly up to speed
  • Current staff’s expertise kept current Software Updates
  • Rapid turn-around on updates
  • Little to no system downtime

Extensive Online Documentation

  • Comprehensive reference and user instructions
  • Answers easy to retrieve and easy to distribute


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